Newbie Guide on How to start tech startup in 2023

Ratomir Jovanovic
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The majority of startups fail within the first five years. But this shouldn't stop you from trying your hand at starting one! All it takes is a little bit of motivation, and some great companies such as LinkedIn, Uber and Snapchat have brought us through with flying colors in spite of their turbulent beginnings.

How to start a tech startup company? Well, it all starts with an idea. You need that one brilliant spark of genius in order for your business venture to take off and become successful. Given the right circumstances today’s technology is more accessible than ever before and there are plenty of platforms available such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo where people can raise money online by sharing their vision with others who will contribute financially if they believe enough in what you're doing. It's important not only to have an original idea but also be able to market yourself well so potential investors know about you! There's no room for shyness because this world belongs just as much (if not even more) on social media channels like Instagram or Facebook when it comes to exposing your company's ideas and products.

Lastly, remember that it’s not just about the idea - you need resources too! Be prepared for some setbacks in terms of finances and don't be afraid to take on an investor or two if things get really tough as a last resort. Ultimately though, it's up to you to decide the path your company takes and if you can stay committed it will be possible to succeed in spite of all odds.

The reason to start a tech company

There's nothing more amazing than following your passion. When you're determined to make a difference in the world, starting out on solid footing can mean everything. Elon Musk wanted space exploration and electric cars so bad that he started Tesla Inc., which is now worth over $50 billion dollars! Jeff Bezos was always entrepreneurial from an early age because it seemed like his natural inclination, but as time went on he had this overwhelming desire for creativity through books and soon founded Amazon with only 2 years of college experience under his belt. Bill Gates put himself through Harvard when having a computer wasn't even considered cool yet; He knew what mattered most: His curiosity about technology combined with ambition led him to be one of the wealthiest Americans alive today at 76-years-old with a net worth of $101 billion.

There are many different reasons to start your own tech company, and most of them come down to having something you're really passionate about that could make the world better in some way if given the right opportunity! It's not easy but it might just be what you need...

Achieving your goals requires a lot of passion, drive, and creativity. These three factors are what made these founders successful in their endeavors- they never gave up on themselves or the company that was created through hard work. While starting any business is difficult to do alone, you should always have an ambitious goal for yourself; one who wants nothing but success will find it easier than someone with little ambition looking only for profit instead of purposeful endeavor. If this sounds like something you want to be partaking in too then keep reading! Here's how we can get started:

1) identify what type of tech startup idea interests you most - from education technology startups ideas all the way to medical device manufacturers

2) take out time each day to learn about your tech startup idea  - read books, magazines, articles on the web and talk to people who are already in this industry


This is not just about you. This endeavour will require a team of people who are as passionate and devoted to the company's mission as they can be. Passionate workers receive more joy from what they do, produce better work in less time, make fewer mistakes that cost them valuable hours or days of productivity- this goes on for everyone else involved with your venture because it all starts at the top!


A strong set of values can be a great asset to any company, especially in the long-term. A startup with these qualities will have an easier time succeeding than one without them! It's not just beneficial for developing better communication and empathy within your team -- it also sets the code of ethics that you hold as an individual (and business).


Starting a tech startup company from scratch is probably the most formidable task that young entrepreneurs have to face. But on paper, you don't need a revolutionary idea to build and start up an unicorn tech startup company. In fact, there are two methods of getting an idea:

1) Solving old problems with unique solutions


2) Deciphering new issues with tried-and-tested techniques!

Old Problem - New Solution

In a time where fossil fuel levels are diminishing, many people have resorted to getting electric cars. But the success of Tesla Motors shows that it's best not just any old car would do--it has to be all-electric with modern technology and innovation in order for this major change from regular vehicles to work effectively.

New Problem - Old Solution

Meditation centers have seen a 127% increase in customers after the coronavirus pandemic. These online sessions help fight anxiety and depression, according to reports by experts.


Startups are all about the budget. You need to find investors willing to spend a lot of money on your company, but you also have cash crunches in the initial stages and typically until an investor comes along.

When you're trying to validate an idea, it might seem daunting. But there's a three-step process that can make the job easier for you: Brainstorming and sketching your ideas; finding out more about what others are doing in this space with competitive analysis tools like Google Alerts or Social Mention; developing some prototypes using online platforms such as Wix or SquareSpace so potential customers have something they can try before making purchases.

Create an offer

In order to validate your idea, the first step is creating an offer for customers. To start off with, study other businesses and conduct research depending on what kind of business model you're interested in (B2C marketplace or B2B). The easiest way to get a customer started can be through surveys or social media ads which are usually cheaper than most marketing methods at this phase. Once things begin rolling smoothly, shift into normal operation mode as needed.

Create a landing page

Creative marketing is the key to success when it comes to business. The landing page provides an aesthetic appeal, and while you may be tempted for a top-notch design with all of its bells and whistles, don't let this lure distract from your goals! A functional landing page that costs less comparatively will do just fine in these early stages. It's important at this stage not only because you need data on potential customers but also so we can work out any bugs before going live later down the line. However creative our designs are, functionality is still king - as boring as it seems now looking back after having taken some time away from designing campaigns yourself...

Drive traffic via ads

Different ways to drive traffic? Well, there are a few. You can use PPC for one - but it's costly and you might not be able to afford that right now (nor in the future). Instead make sure your website is well-optimized with relevant keywords through content posts on your site. This will boost rankings and organic web traffic while also giving people what they want: quality information about whatever topic or niche interests them!


Once, there was a little-known company that worked in the basement of one man's home. A few years later it became known as Facebook and this began to change how we interact with each other online forever. With just an idea at first, they took on the world! Some even say that Mark Zuckerberg could be considered techie royalty because he created such a profitable business from scratch (and all without hiring any employees). But you know what? He isn't alone; many big names started off small too, like Steve Jobs who had his friend Mike Makiula by his side or Bill Gates who built Microsoft alongside Paul Allen while still being students themselves. And these are only two examples out of hundreds more where people defied odds and made history with their ideas.

The right set of employee clock software can help you manage your startup's data to make the most out of it. To pick one, put choosing a technology that will protect employees' private information top priority.

Development Department

Developing your business is how you will make it grow, but in order for this to happen properly and be successful, you need the best developers. But what if hiring a seasoned employee costs too much? Well there are other options available that can save money like by employing interns or offering part-time work opportunities.

You might be thinking that you don't need to bother with hiring a partner, but trust me when I say it's going to exhaust your energy without one. The good news is there are plenty of people out there who offer their services as part-time partners - which means they'll do the sales and will develop work on occasion while letting you handle other tasks.

Marketing Department

Hiring a marketing team with the right skills is essential for any tech startup company. Begin by aligning your project goals first, then choose between hiring a solopreneur or recruiting an in-house staff to manage these responsibilities. You can utilize different digital tools and techniques like SEO, pay-per-click adverts, blogs & ebooks to reach out online audiences as well as develop client relationships on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram through strategic posts that share valuable content relevant to their needs.


With the coronavirus pandemic unsettling the entire world, it's time for you to shine and get started with your startup. However, you should also pay attention to your employee attendance and health in order to make sure that they are healthy enough so that their productivity can be maximized while still being safe from any possible illnesses.

Forget the haters out there who are telling you that your idea is stupid. They don't know what they're talking about because if it were a bad one, then Elon Musk and Steve Jobs would never have been able to make their companies successful. If those two can do it with an impractical concept like electric cars or iPhones--then so can we!

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