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Using on-demand, flat-rate UI/UX services, you can rapidly increase the impact of your digital product. The designers on our team have been carefully selected for their skill, dedication, and lack of ego, and they are here to make your life easier.
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Wait! How this works?

Sign up for a plan and get as many customized designs as you want.
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In most cases, you can expect to get your design within a few working days.
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We'll keep making changes to the designs until you're happy with them.

Why flat-rate and unlimited designs?

Fixed, but flexible costs.
Our subscription is non-negotiable, but you may stop or cancel your subscription to generate budgetary flexibility.

You are not required to pay designers 365 days a year. Pay designers just when they are required!
Same as in-house design team
Yeah, it's the same as in-house design team. You'll get your designer, shared project manager and you'll have a backlog refinement sessions with them.

You will specify deadlines, but remember that we take a reality-check approach to deadlines.
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Design systems for rapid development

How can a fancy UX design be transformed into something that every stakeholder can connect to and work on efficiently?

By utilizing intelligent design systems that our specialists construct in collaboration with our developers, linking visual designs with code from the outset. We enable an effective, component-based implementation in which subsequent adaptation has an immediate effect on all relevant system components.

This reduces expenses and makes us quicker than our competitors. We deem this to be great.

Amazing UX

Responsiveness, cross-device capabilities, accessibility, verifiability, and testing...while enabling the best user experience possible?!

To some, it may appear impossible to satisfy all these conditions... Fortunately, not to us.

Our specialists know precisely how to clear the most optimal path through the dense forest of effective and ever-changing UX-Design.
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The Word of CEO
You may wonder why we're "productising" our services. In my 15 years of work experience, I've seen several startups fail because their Founders and CEO were too caught up in micromanagement to remember to do what's important, to run the business.

We decided to try something different and take it a step further by making our designers available for a flat monthly fee.

We believe that our solution will meet the needs of most new businesses because it is difficult to get a professional designer at a reasonable price today.

- Ratomir Jovanovic
Methodologies we are using
Design Sprints
Design Thinking
Hybrid approach
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We create prototype for you, so you can test your early-stage ideas without spending money on development.
We provide technical documentation.
Collaborative work with stakeholders.
Our process is collaborative where stakeholders express their opinion in no time
Full control of your expenses
#1 SaaS Design Agency

They said about us..

"Over the past 25 years, I have launched and grown many successful businesses. I have had hundreds of employees. Without hesitation, among all those that have worked for me, I consider Ratomir (inordo) a standout talent and a stand out person. Ratomir worked for me directly, he began as a contract UI/UX designer and quickly progressed to a full-time Chief Product Officer."
2347 screens designed over 3 years
In less than two months, we were able to deliver a workable version of the whole online application. And we were able to maintain our original thoughts. The subscription model served us well. We had a rather constrained budget for the design team, thus Inordo was the best option. Excellent designers, always on time, no b.s., a pragmatic approach to the issues, and a fantastic staff.
280% increase in organic traffic
We saved over 40 percent by utilizing Inordo's services. Inordo was ideal for our startup because we wanted to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.
Since we had at least two weeks' worth of tasks prepared, it was relatively simple for us to adopt a subscription-based strategy. Our recommendation is to build a product road map before engaging.
140% increase in deliverables
With a three-month subscription, our SaaS's minimum viable product was created. Before this SaaS, we were constructing a micro-SaaS that failed miserably because we were disorganized. With Inordo, we were focused on our objectives, and as a result, we've made rapid progress towards them.Highly recommend working with Inordo, as they have tremendous SaaS expertise.
280% increase in organic traffic

Integrate your app data

Our customer service rating has improved so much ever since we adopted Unicorns. The smooth integrations and easy tracking system has shortened.

Our customer service rating has improved so much ever since we adopted Unicorns. The smooth integration

Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Contact us here so we can help.
Why not just hire a designer full-time?

What a logical query! Firstly, the salary and perks for a senior level designer in a full-time company currently surpasses $100k+ per year (and good luck finding one available).

The other issue is that you may not always have enough work to keep them occupied, so you end up paying for time you don't even get to use. If you want to make sure you're only paying your designer when you have work for them, the monthly plan gives you the flexibility to halt and continue your subscription whenever you choose.

How many requests may I make at once?

Once you've subscribed, you may put as many design requests as you like in a queue, and they'll be fulfilled in the order in which they were received or based on priority. For each task we'll provide the estimate.

If I order a design, how long till I get it?

The typical turnaround time for a request is under two days. It may take more time for more complex requests, though.

Which design programs do you typically work in?

Figma is used to design the majority of requests.

How can I make a design request?

Many design requests come in via Clickup, Google Docs, or wireframes sent by the client, or even a quick video recorded in Loom (for those who prefer not to write their briefs out).

Just about anything that can be shared or connected to in Clickup is fair game.

Worrying: What if I don't enjoy the design?

In other words, relax. Until you're completely happy with the design, we'll keep making adjustments.

And what if I just have one request?

Not a problem. Once you're satisfied with the design work, you may pause your membership and resume it at a later date. You shouldn't let the rest of your subscription expire unused.

If I'm unhappy with the service, can I get my money back?

There will be no refunds issued due to the high quality nature of the work.

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