Remote Technical Project Manager

Throughout my early career as a developer and product manager, I constantly felt that owning new technology development was something that could only be accomplished by a few departments in a company.

Information in general

We are a business technology firm with a number of important projects pending. To oversee and keep track of all the project's phases, including analysis, development, testing, and delivery, we are employing a project manager. At each stage of the project, you will provide an update.

As a full-time freelancer, you may create the lifestyle you want, working when and when you want and on your terms.

About Inordo

Inordo might be a wonderful fit for your next career move if you're passionate about working flexibly with renowned Fortune 500 companies and creative Silicon Valley startups.

You may set your own hours and work from anywhere, unlike a 9 to 5 employment. You don't have to compete with other freelancers for projects in a bid war because jobs come to you.

Additionally, Inordo handles all the overhead, allowing you to concentrate on successful engagements while always getting paid on time and at the rate you choose.


  • proficiency in English
  • 3 or more years of experience in your field
  • An advantage would be having knowledge of system architecture or experience managing a software team.
  • Being available full-time is a big plus.
  • abilities in project management
  • a sharp eye for detail
  • Take the next step and apply right away if you're prepared to change your career and transition to meaningful freelancing


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